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It is the third installment in the Street Dancer film series. The film is the third in the Street Dancer film series after ABCD 2 (2015) and ABCD 3 (2017). The film is set to be released on 7 August 2020. Plot Prince Narasimha and Prince Gohil are twin princes of the North and South Kingdom. They have been separated since childhood and are never to meet each other. One day, a mysterious man named Shasru roams around India searching for the King of Rajasthan. He is searching for a treasure. However, he is being chased by the thugs led by Panditji. Panditji's henchman, Gora, kills Shasru while trying to shoot him. Gora asks for Shasru's help to track down his boss, Panditji, in order to claim his reward. Gora reluctantly agrees to help Shasru to fulfill his mission. While riding with Gora, Shasru and Gora witness two young boys playing street dancing to the music of their harmoniums. The boys are observing the Sun, and they are trying to guess how it moves. Shasru and Gora recognize the boys as Princes Narasimha and Gohil. Shasru takes the harmonium from the boys and proceeds to teach them street dancing. A yodeller, Sadak, sings a song for them. Shasru spots Panditji's gang, except for Gora, waiting for the bus to take them to their hideout. Shasru and Gora pretend to be passengers waiting for the bus. They are seen by the thugs who try to attack Shasru. Shasru stops them and the thugs notice that the harmonium is still in his hand. Gora runs and alerts Panditji. Gora spots Panditji and Shasru leaving on foot. They are attacked by the thugs. In order to save Gora, Shasru accidentally leaves the harmonium behind. As he tries to take the harmonium back, the thugs overpower him. Gora and the thugs prepare to murder Shasru. Shasru comes to rescue Gora. The thugs are thrown away by a police force, and the police chase away the thugs. Shasru takes Gora and the harmonium to the North Kingdom, where Gohil is the king. Gora and Shasru find Prince Nar




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Abcd 3d Movie Torrent Download dempear

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